Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Google Searches That Will Make You Question Humanity

1. When you slept through that sex ed class and just need to double check - we've all been there, right?

 2. For that burning question that just won't let you sleep through night.

3. For when sex begins turns on you... 

4. When you need to know if semen is here to help you or hurt you.

5. Because we were all left with questions after Breaking Bad.

6. Because your cat is the star of your life, and that should be shared

7. Because no one does it like MC Hammer.

8. When your Magic 8 Ball just isn't gonna cut it. 

9. When you've given up on guys completely.

10. When guys are like 'same'

11. Well, why shouldn't she?!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso Review

The general feedback of #GIRLBOSS has been really strong – a few negative reviews comment on how they believe this was a business leadership book and although there are a few hints of that, it is more of a lifestyle lessons book where Sophia shares where she went wrong and right and what she’s learnt and can pass on! A few reviews mentioned this was aimed at a younger market, I however disagree at 22 I found it insightful and empowering. Sophia never intended for this book to be a business how-to, but an autobiography of her journey and how she’s learnt to own herself within the business world and on a personal level.

I didn’t learn a lot about business because this is more targeted at beginners, however the background of Nasty Gal is really fascinating and this book is motivational. Whether you’re looking to set up your own business or generally improve yourself in the work field it has really useful tips and Sophia as a CEO gives her opinion of what she would expect to see from employees.

As a book this is a really lovely read, Sophia is really passionate about driving the message of owning yourself, quirks and all! As a quirky girl Sophia is great at owning this message. I bought this for my Kindle app and have screenshot countless pages full of Pinterest worthy quotes that give me a little buzz in the morning and it’s great for referencing back too.

This book is packed stories and advice from Sophia Amoruso and her fellow #GIRLBOSS friends that gives you the kick up the arse that makes you want to be yourself and work harder! 

Monday, 19 May 2014


My biggest issue with skincare is that I can't maintain consistency! I purchase all the right products, do all the right things… for about a week & then it goes out the window! 

I've decided to strip my skincare back to something simple! Everyday is now all about taking my make up off, cleansing, toning & then moisturising! Once a week I also do a face mask to keep everything hydrated! 

Removing my make-up: 
Garnier Miceller Cleanising Water. I believe this is meant to be a Bioderma dupe but not having tried Bioderma I can't compare! This little sucker however is £4.99 and lasts fooorrrever! - it says on the bottle 200 uses, but I have to confess I haven't been counting! On the whole it does remove eye make up very well! 

Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Lotion. I can't find this anywhere now so believe they have replaced it for another cleanser so I won't tease you by reviewing it! However all Garnier cleansers I have used have been super lovely & gentle! 

Garnier 'Goodbye Dry' Softening Toner. For me toning is always a tricky one as it can be quite harsh on the skin! - this toner is perfect for my sensitive skin whilst making it feel clean & fresh! 

Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Moisturiser. LOVE LOVE LOVE this moisturiser! It's really gentle and works really effectively, for an affordable moisturiser it's light and ticks all the boxes! 

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. BEST THING EVER if your skin is a little parched, or for the day after alcohol. This mask makes your skin completely different, it hydrates and makes skin plumper. It's well worth the price tag as it lasts forever and is absolutely gorgeous! 

What are your skincare heroes?
Leave a comment and let me know! 

Monday, 28 April 2014


So this month, despite buying a house I have been super naughty & spent some (lots) of money in Primark! I did however get some yummy little bits which you can watch in my haul video! 

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Friday, 4 April 2014


1. Clean your room for no good reasonSometimes, when no man is coming over to canoodle, your place is too small to have parties, and/or you've been really busy, your living space suddenly becomes a little 'unloved'. Yes, you might be busy having a social life — but you should still pick up your dirty underwear occasionally, for Pete's sake. Just do it for me. 

2. Read one classic novel a month - And not a modern classic. I'm talking a Henry James/Edith Wharton/Jane Austen shit (not that they are shit!). I know it's way harder than whipping out that Ok Magazine you stole from the doctor's waiting room, but just think of it as flossing your brain! And hey think how smart you'll look with that in your handbag!

3. Acquire the ability to go out to restaurants alone - You are a grown-ass woman, and you don't need someone else to give you permission to eat something besides Pot Noodle. Take your Henry James/Edith Wharton/Jane Austen shit and get down to some fine cuisine solo. 

4. If you're waiting for a dude to change, stop waiting. - He won't. 

5. Stick with one kind of drink every time you drink - All-beer, all-cocktails or all-wine will severely lessen your awful hangover the following day., come on ladies we will learn this at some point in our lives… shots and wine are NEVER a good idea. On the other note if you did forget and do have the hangover from hell, drink full fat coke. I don't know why it works, it just does. I am not a woman of science! 

6. Look after your skin - now is the time ladies the biggest giveaway to a woman's age is her skin. Now you don't have to invest in anything fancy or over complicate things. Just be consistent. Heck, even your skin deserves some stability! 

7. Start a savings account, or a pension - I know, I know yawwwwwn. But let me tell you, being the only person I know that owns a home at the age of 21 is a preeeetttyyyy good feeling! And hell when the girls were out drinking and I was stuck in looking at my piggy bank times were hard but now I am so grateful to my parents for making me save. At the end of the day money isn't happiness but it is a step up to different opportunities. And really do you need a Starbucks every day?

8. Invest in good pieces of clothing - now I ain't hating on Primark, hell I love Primark as much as the next gal' BUT Primark is a fabulous place for your basics & on trend items that will go out next month. I'm talking black jeans, white shirt, black blazer, leather jacket… those timeless pieces your wardrobe needs to survive (maybe a tad dramatic!) but just invest a little more and you'll get a lot more wear! 

9. Stop caring what other people think - you'll just make choices you don't believe in based on their opinion… and who has to live with those choices? Well let me tell you, it isn't them! 

10. Don't focus to much on your body - your body is beautiful and the more attention you give it the fatter it will appear… don't get me wrong I still have days when I cry into my macaroni cheese/cheeseburger/pizza/all of the above… and a little self indulgence IS okay but on the whole… no one really cares about it and neither should you! 

11. Don't worry about the future - Dear Lord, stop worrying. If there's one major thing I have learned at 21, it is to calm the hell down. Everything will be fine. And if it isn't you'll always have Demi Lovato GIFs to remind you 'bitch, you're fabulous!'