Welcome (Back) to my Blog!

I have made the really difficult decision to delete all of my blog posts and videos on YouTube and completely  start a fresh. I’ve been trying for the last few months to get my blog into a place that I am happy with and have lost motivation to add any content as I keep thinking of what a mess it has been previously.

Not only do the posts lack consistency but are a reflection of a life I no longer lead… Now I know that people and circumstances change but for me it’s absolutely something I don’t want to reflect on. I’ve learnt a lot in 2014 and these are lessons I am happy to and will be sharing however I now want to present that in my own way.

Removing old content is a risky and bold move and one that no one recommends, it is however something I think will suit me. Although it’s a shame to delete those ‘start up memories’ they make me cringe in a way that isn’t right – not in the ‘oh look how awkward I was’ in the ‘that isn’t me’ way! Previous content has been a person I thought I wanted to be, not the person I am which isn’t not maintainable. I didn’t want the previous content to be a representation of Brunette in Louboutins as a blog or brand. 

I have however been away and created some really exciting posts that I am so happy with and although I may upset some of my readership with a change of theme I think it’s a little more unique and a lot more reflective of who I am. 

Despite officially starting previous to this, my blog, Brunette in Louboutins starts in 2014 with consistent content that I will be proud of and its birthday is in 2015. Some people may not agree with that and I do apologise however I have taken the time before to learn blogging lessons and find where I feel comfortable in the ‘blogosphere’

My next post will be a little intro to me… I look forward to moving forward and sharing that!

Georgina x