Welcome to my new little segment on Brunette in Louboutins, Monday Mantra! It's going to be a weekly 'preach post' and it's going to get us pumped up for Monday! 

The above quote 'sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place' is one of my ALL TIME favourite quotes and one that I discovered just after Christmas when I needed it most! 

Sharing this information has been something I have deliberated putting on my blog, first of all because it's personal and thats scary to put it out there on the internet and second of all I didn't think anyone could care... but then I thought my blog is basically my online thoughts and this has been a huuuge part of my life. Towards the back end of last year a whole lot changed for me, my parents decided to divorce after 22 years of marriage and my family home was put on the market, I bought a house with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years for us to then spilt up, my first car was wrote off, I was also waiting to hear if I was going to get a promotion. Now the car thing sounds trivial but I just felt like generally my life had lost a lot of stability. Now I have always been a positive 'glass half full' kinda gal' but I felt like my ability to see the good in things was being tested! 

My parents divorcing was not an amicable one, my relationship broke down and I was about to take on the mortgage all by myself of a house that needed a full renovation and my dream job was almost in my grasp. Things just felt really really intense...

Thankfully though that quote was absolutely the right one, my whole life fell apart and just as quickly it fell back together, but better... I built a stronger relationship with both my parents as we were now spending quality time together, my relationship breaking down was the best decision ever and I was suddenly empowered and independent, I found a newer, better car that is super yummy, I got the promotion that I have been working my arse off for a year for and because I got the job and a lovely payrise I could afford to take my house on comfortably and live my life. Suddenly at 21 years of age, my whole life suddenly had such purpose and direction, although I thought it already had I was shocked that after that I felt so independent, focused and empowered. 

Phew, anyway after the longest and most sentimental post EVER! I just want to get across that no matter how bad things get, and how lost you feel maintain to hope, stay strong and brave and everything will fall back into place again. 

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  1. Good for you! Out of every negative there is always a positive, sometimes it just takes time to show itself but it looks like you found yours. Here's too a wonderful 2014 for you!


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