Monday, 17 February 2014


Today I am sharing a couple of iPhone snippets from my Valentines weekend, I had an absolutely amazing weekend and was looked after beautifully by the boyfriend. Now, I didn't get my camera out as I was to busy taking everything in and enjoying myself so as I said these are just going to be pictures from our iPhones so the quality isn't amazing and the pictures are a little random so this will be a round up post. 

I took the above photo on the Friday, I went to Jon's and he cooked me an amazing dinner along with all the traditional romantic gestures... music, candles, cards... I was well and truly swooned! 

The next day after we woken up and managed to clear our Champagne heads we headed off to Bristol where Jonny had booked a little surprise getaway! I had absolutely no idea where we were going, just that it was an hour and forty minutes away! The above picture was a Snapchat that I took on the way there hence the posing. 

At 3pm on the dot we arrived at Berwick Lodge, Bristol an absolutely stunning restored manor house turned boutique hotel. We were shown to the 'Kappodokia' suite which was up there with one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. The room was huge! It had a gorgeous comfortable bed, two piece sofa suite, large window seat, original fireplace and so much more! The ceilings beautiful, high with original coving. The pictures really don't do the room justice. Safe to say, the boy did good! 

We sat around relaxing until about six when we got ready and dressed for supper which was being served at seven thirty, we were ready well before so sat down to a bottle of Moët & Chandon... yes I said bottle! 

Jonny looked utterly delicious at dinner, almost as delicious as the food! Now I did take some pictures of the food, but the champagne had clearly started to affect my picture taking as most of them are blurry! The food though... errrrmaaagaaahd it was good! To start, Jon had Tortellini of celeriac, truffle, shallot and confit chicken wings which was mind blowingly good and very well ordered! I had Hand dived scallops with pumpkin tofu and pine nut praline which was cooked amazingly. For main, Jonny had Duo of Herefordshire beef – short rib and flat iron – served with choux farcie cabbage ball, although if I tried it I can't remember (bloody champers!) but he loved it! My main isn't on the menu as it was a Valentines special and I can't for the life of me remember what I had altogether but either way it was lovely! For puds, Jon had what I remember to be Chocolate Cake with Orange Jelly - I shall ask him to confirm which he loved but I don't like Chocolate Orange so wasn't a fan. I had Sticky toffee soufflé with ripple ice cream and butter scotch sauce which was out of this world, it was a proper winter warmer pudding - so delish! 

The Champagne Campaign continued two bottles further - yes that was three bottles in total! I blame the staff as they were so attentive we seemed to have never ending glasses and naturally lost count of what we had drank. We started to take some 'silly selfies' on Jon's phone (maybe me more than him)

My dress is from Missguided by the way - it's a gorgeous shift dress that was perfect for such an occasion, you can find it here. I wore it with my Leopard Louboutins. 

We somehow managed to stumble back to our rooms a lot later that evening where I took this little snap which I am in love with.

The next morning, naturally I had one priority... Jonny however a little worse for wear stuck to Orange Juice and attempted Eggs Benedict, both of us though could only manage a few bites.

We both had an amazing times and couldn't pick fault with the Berwick Lodge! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a little romantic getaway as it only has 12 rooms its a perfect secluded hideout. You can find their website here.

I hope you all had amazing Valentines weekends, if you have done a post of your weekend please leave a comment with the link as I would LOVE a nosey. 


  1. Awww this is so cute! You looked stunning too from what I can see, that dress is such a gorgeous colour!

    Sinéad xo ♡ fabuleuse, toujours ♡

    1. Aw thank-you Sinéad, what a lovely comment! xx

  2. Cute photos! Looks like a fun Valentine's! That hotel is super pretty! Love the decor!



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